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LoL Gaming
T-Shirts. Grab them!

The best LoL gaming shirts in the UK!
Even Mundo knows we sell only unique designed shirts here.
Cannot find us on a regular market!

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… but this is only 11,3(3)% of the truth.

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What Actually Is The BL!TZ Platform?

Gaming Store

What’s different in our store?

✓ Unique designed gaming T- shirts
✓ Next Day UK 
✓ UK Free Shipping.
✓ Worldwide Shipping 
✓ The Best Unofficial LoL Gaming Shirts.
✓ 100% Satisfaction & Customer Support. 

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LoL Community

What separates us from other gaming communities?

The BL!TZ Community is still a “baby”, but we grow it bigger and bigger every day.
And we hope that you will help us by joining it!

✓ Discord channel.
✓ Social Media Funny Posts.
✓ League Pro Tutorials 
& Scholars.
✓ The Only LoL Place
meant to “respawn”  Your Ideas,
Into Unique Apparel & Item Designs.

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Income Source

Who can benefit from BL!TZ Gaming?

✓ Physical stores willing to sell our goods.
✓ Online stores 
wanting our BL!TZ brand in their store.
✓ eBay, Amazon, Shopify or other drop shippers that want to resale our goods.
✓ Players that want to sell LoL apparel & items to their familiars and web.
✓ Streamers willing to drive more traffic to their streams.
✓ Blog & Website owners in the gaming niche.
✓ Companies wanting a website in the gaming niche.
✓ Freelancers searching for extra projects.
✓ Digital specialists which want to work for us.


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BL!TZ is a Proud Scholarship Provider as well.

If you are a gamer, that loves to play LoL instead of studying…
Our BL!TZ Gaming Scholarship is for you!

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LoL Custom Shirts?
No problem.

Do you want custom LoL gaming shirt?
We can make everything that’s in your head from scratch.
Trust our designers, like Xayah trusts Rakan 🙂

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Want To Design Gaming T- Shirts For Cash?

Right now we have an active contest about that.

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… Now You Know What BL!TZ Is.

It’s time to INVADE those cool T-shirts!

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