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A Bit About Us

BL!TZ Gaming platform with a domain “www.blitzcrank.co.uk” was founded by Ivan Kolev (A.K.A William L Kane) and Vassilena Nikolova (A.K.A. VasGraphics). We are a young family, working as growth hackers, digital marketing experts, web & graphic designers and entrepreneurs with a couple of businesses created far away from startups.

Our goal was to create this platform as a place, personalized for LoL fans.
So they can find apparel & items for their favorite game.
We are also gamers with a lot of friends. This is another aspect of the platform – strong community that helps players elevate their skills and experience!
Last but not least, we share this business willing to work together in a long-term.

We are not an official RITO store, but we are still unique!
We design our own stuff and do not violate the authors’ rights!

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If you have any questions, they will be answered in 1 business day.

Do not hesitate to ask!

We have a solution for every problem!

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