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Graphic Designers
(Freelance/ Remote job)

Our BL!TZ Brand is seeking for geeky & gaming oriented graphic designers.
Your main duty will be to create unique & remarkable designs
for our gaming apparel & items.
You will cooperate with our design crew and also our marketing crew.


Proven graphic design experience.
✓ Previous T-shirts designs experience.
Proven ability for remote working.
✓ Adobe Photoshsop moderate skills.
Adobe Illustrator moderate skills.

What Do You Get?

✓ Long-term relations with BL!TZ Brand.
✓  Opportunity to work from home.
✓ “Pay Per Project” Payments –
the more designs you create, the more you earn.
✓ Full support by our graphic design
team to elevate your skills.
✓ Scalable bonus payments.
✓ Discounts on our shop.

Previous experience in Gaming T-shirt designs will be an advantage.
If you are a LoL active player and “gamer in veins” will be an advantage.

How To Apply?

Step 1: Prepare your portfolio, CV and all URLs that are showing your skills.

Step 2: Write a “Motivational letter” and explain why u want to design our BL!TZ Brand stuff.

Step 3: Send everything at office.blitzcrank@gmail.com

Step 4: We will reach the approved candidates via e-mail, 3 days after the deadline.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to stop by and ask!

Deadline For Applications:
01.03.2018, 10.30 am.

More Options To Earn Money With Us?

You can be a BL!TZ Brand dealer, dropshipper or reseller and sell our stuff.
Also, we have ongoing contests right now in the freelance section.
Don’t miss them out!

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