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Monthly T-Shirt Design Contest

Terms Of The Contest:

Greetings summoners & artists,
This month (March) the topic of the contest is  Noxus T-shirt designs.
The design will be printed in front of the shirt, you can check out our designs for inspiration.

How To Apply?

Step 1.  Create a unique T-shirt design for one of the Noxian champions
(Darius, Sion, Swain, Leblanc, Katarina, Cassiopeia are with TOP priority, but you can pick some of the rest noxians of course).
/N.B. DO NOT copy- paste anything from Google, DeviantArt or different source/.

Step 2. Prepare your files in high-quality, print-friendly formats and send us 2 files:
1st file – PSD or AI (work file).
2nd file – PNG (print file).
Specifications for PNG file:
sizes: height 30.48 x width 40.64cm | 300DPI | No backgrounds.

Step 3. Send your work via “Apply Now” button below.

Step 4. We publish the contest rankings on 1 December in our blog.
If you are the winner, we will send you the amount via PayPal.

Winning Criteria:

A – Popularity– we publish your design in our Fan Pages and we measure their popularity for the first 5 days.
B – Our design crew– our professional designers vote on every single design.
C – Relevance. We expect designs relevant to the topic. We disqualify other designs.
D – Sales Quantity. We will use your design for 5 days limited time T-shirt sales and measure if your design is saleable.

(A+ B + C+ D)/4=  Z
(Final Contest Points);
A,B,C,D,Z coef. varies between 1 and 100 points.

Tips: Our audience is LoL fans, mostly in the UK.
Make a quick research what they like, before you start and be UNIQUE, do not COPY.

N.B. : You can compete with up to 5 designs and you can send them
in a single application (5 designs x 2 files= 10 files max for application).

Deadline for applying: 30.11.2018

AWARD: 30.00£

* More than one projects can win the contest. The award is the same for all winners.*


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