Ezreal Lol Gamer T Shirts UK. Time to Get Our Hands Dirty!


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Lol Game T Shirt Inspired by Ezreal

This one goes out to all you Ezreal loving, skillshot landing and across the map sniping fans. The design is inspired by our favorite explorer of the whole Runterra. Armed with a magical gauntlet and his adventurous spirit, he seeks to explore every dark and uncharted corner of the world.

For the gaming T shirt design, we chose “Time to get our hands dirty!”, because we find it to show his true determination and risky nature.

In lol game Ezreal is a very mobile character, due to the crystal in his gauntlet, who favors long distance combat, poking down his opponents and never allowing them to step into melee range.

Overall, he has a very playful nature and is one of LOL most played and popular champions!


The T Shirt Itself:

  • 100% Soft and smooth cotton (Made by specially treating the cotton fibers before spinning them into yarn)
  • Ribbed knit collar with seam
  • Light fabric
  • Shoulder taped (Prevents the t shirt from stretching)
  • Removable label
  • Side seams
  • Runs true to size

This game clothing is perfect for everyone who enjoys Ezreal as a champion, as a character or simply for his never-ending search for adventure!

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