Swain Gaming Shirts. EUW. You Lack Discipline!


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Gaming T Shirt Inspired by Swain

Interested in Noxus? Well, what do you think of the Grand General? Swain, once a loyal Noxian, serving the throne and destroying all those who would conspire against it. He realizes how weak The Empire is.

Being crippled during the wars in Ionia, he sought the dark powers hidden in the Immortal Bastion. Awakening a demon and binding the being to himself, Swain’s body was restored. He overlooks the throne in a single night. Some of Noxus most fierce warriors highly respect Swain.

The T-shirt design shows his devotion and willpower for the Noxus prosperity. Strength, knowledge, and control hold dearest to him. The text reflects that side of Swain and the tactical genius that he is.

On the gaming shirt, you can see the champion’s hand, compiled by ultimate power! Informing his enemies (with the text) that ‘They lack discipline’, which in his estimation is unacceptable!

Swain is a control/sustain mage, played on the mid lane and the top lane.

About The T-Shirt

Unisex T-Shirt with short sleeves:

  • 100% Combed soft ring spun cotton
  • True to its size
  • Removable Label
  • Shoulder taped (Prevents the t shirt from stretching)
  • Ribbed collar
  • Classic look
  • Side seams (Located along the sides of the garment, they hold shirts shape longer and lend its structural support)

Why not treat yourself with the coolest gaming merch!

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