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BL!TZ Gaming Scholarship

Read the terms for applications below.

Brief information about the scholarship.

Greetings summoners,
This year we will give away a single scholarship to the best LoL video creator.
Simply cut the impressive moments from your games and tailor catchy video from them.

You compete for this scholarship with a unique LoL video.

Who can apply?

1. High School students.
2. College students.
3. University students.

N.B. Only students of the UK and European Union applications are accepted.

*** You should be ACTIVE LoL player also.***

How To Apply?

Step 1.  Create your LoL video.
You must NOT copy- paste anything from Google, Youtube, Twitch or a different source.
Only your own games!

Step 2. You prepare your single video file with this parameters.
video length- 1:30- 4:00 minutes (short video- only the best moments!).
acceptable file formats-  MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, 3GP

Specifications for video content:
– The video should be tailored from your own games only.
– You can use music as background for your video.
– You can create catchy video intro part.
– You can create a catchy title for your video.
(“Epic fails video by [your summoner’s name]”, “The best moments by [your summoner’s name]”, etc.)
– Aim to achieve Viral video to strengthen your chances to win.

Step 3. Send your work via “Apply Now” button below.
This action will send you to “Google forms” and you can apply there.

Step 4. We will share your video on our social media profiles and show it to the world.

Step 5. We will measure the winning criteria and we will announce the scholarship winner
on 1st of August, via a blog post.

Step 6. If you win the scholarship, we will reach you via e-mail to send you the awards.

Winning Criteria:

A- Popularity– we publish your video on our social media profiles and measure the popularity of 1st-month activity.
B- Professionalism– our design & marketing teams will vote for every video about how professional it’s made.
C- Uniqueness. We expect you will tailor the video only from your games.We will disqualify “stolen” videos.

(A+ B + C)/3=  Z
(Final Scholarship Points);
A,B,C,Z coef. varies between 1 and 100 points.

Tips: Our audience is LoL fans, mostly in the UK and Europe.
Make a quick research what they like, before you start.
That will help you achieve “viral video” and raise your chances for success.

N.B. : You can compete with up to 3 different videos and you can send ’em
in a single application (3 videos x 1 file= 3 files max for application).

Deadline for applying: 01.06.2018


***This is one-time payment scholarship***


You get 100£ voucher for BL!TZ Brand purchases.


More Options To Earn Money With Us?

You can be BL!TZ Brand dealer, dropshipper or reseller and sell our stuff.
Also, we have ongoing contests right now in freelance sections and remote job possitions.
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