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Preparation & Shipping speeds.

How long does it take?
Delivery= Preparation+ Shipping

95% of the orders are delivered successfully within 5 business days.
of our orders are shipped within 3 b. days or less.

Preparation time:
Creating apparel products (t-shirts etc.) takes about 2-7 business days.
Creating non-apparel products (Mugs, Pillows etc.) takes about 2-5 business days.

Shipping time:
Speed and prices vary depending on the product type and your location.
If you need it hurry and hot, you can choose express delivery.

Basic delivery speed:
5-10 business days, for UK,EU,USA,CAD,AU.
10-20 business days, for all other countries.

Express delivery speed:
1-5 business days via FedEx

Flat rate shipping prices

Shipping fees vary for different products and locations, starting from 3£ for 1st item.
If you order more than one item, shipping cost jumps with 0,4£ more for each item.
For example, if you order 1 tee shirt, your shipping fees will be 3£ for the UK.
If you order 2 tee shirts, your shipping will be 3,4£ for both.
If you want to see full table of shipping fees, please visit our provider website here.

You will receive the exact shipping cost on your invoice before finishing the order.


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